Friday, June 25, 2010

Barefoot Summers

Crushing rocks
and "Kick the Can"
Who runs faster
across the sand?

Barefoot summers
at the lake
collecting gravel
with micah flakes.

Restaurant owner
by the age of nine
had just two patrons
at "The Nickel and Dime".

Last one standing
on an inner tube
endless fun
with nothing to prove.

Walking in a line
down to Camp Waban
Buying penny candy
was the only plan.

Cousins on a raft
with the rain falling down
holding an umbrella
so we wouldn't drown.

Capture the Flag
climbing birch trees
hiding from enemies
and skinning our knees.

Childhood summers
with memories so fond
All of us together
at Bauneg Beg Pond.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dark Places

You linger in dark places
clinging to my memories
like cobwebs long forgotten
in the corners of my mind

You haunt me in the sunshine
pieces of you passing by
shades of blue outside my door
but there's never enough time.

A snapshot in the palm tree
or underneath a country road
a lifetime in the cemetery
with the real world left behind.

An evening in another country
without ever leaving ground
endless walking, holding hands
time stands still, our souls entwined.

You linger in dark places
forging brand new memories
and grant me hope for brighter days
of you and me defined.