Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snack Pack

The English Boy sizes up my purse before making his selections.  He stuffs his choices into it as we head to the window to purchase tickets.  Once inside the venue, he picks a seat and then rifles through my purse for his treats.  The movie begins and the English Boy happily consumes his contraband food items.
Sometimes he brings his own candy, but there have been other occasions where nothing would suffice except a taco or hamburger or even a massive piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.  Striving to be neat, he even tucks in cutlery and napkins.
The most recent outing involved a pre-movie stop at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  After watching the English Boy devour a large chicken sandwich and mashed potatoes with gravy, he asks if I have room in my purse for potatoes.  I think he means fries and tell him they will fit.  He brings back a to-go bag containing a large tub of mashed potatoes and gravy.  Unbeknownst to him, my “purse” is actually an insulated lunch bag that will keep his items hot.  I pull out all of my belongings and shove his bag within, adding a biscuit, “spork” and handful of napkins.  It was show time and we head to the discount movie theater for “The Lone Ranger”.  I hand him his steaming mashed potatoes and he proceeds to mix in the gravy.  The English Boy promptly burns his mouth.  The potatoes have remained lethally hot inside my bag.  He runs for the water fountain, leaving the potatoes behind in the cup holder.  The distinct smell of KFC potatoes permeates the small theater so I am positive everyone knows we have secreted in illegal foodstuffs.  The English Boy returns and continued with his snack which has now adequately cooled. 

As the theater dims for the main show, I am positive he is using his cell phone as a flashlight to aid in his fine dining efforts.  I am thankful that the show has a minimal amount of patrons on this late evening.  The English Boy finishes his snack, places it back in the paper bag and loudly crumples the brown paper during a particularly quiet moment.  I make a note to feed him more before our next movie adventure.